We believe everyone deserves quality health care. Our practitioners are experienced and comfortable treating patients of all ages, and we love to help keep your whole family feeling healthy!

It can be a exhausting finding the right care team for you and your kids. The team At Element Wellness Group understands the trust that you are extending when you bring your little ones in for treatment. We also recognize that a child deserves the same attention and respect that is afforded to the adults in their life. When you bring your kids in to our office, we will work closely with you to understand the unique wants and needs, as well as the individual character, of your child and do our best to meet them at their level.

A comfortable and relatable atmosphere is essential to working with children, which is why we have set up our office as a fun and relaxing space for kids. Please let us know if there is any relevant information that is important in working with your specific child.

For more information about what the different forms of treatment can offer to your kids, please take a look at the acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage FAQ's.