One of the cornerstones of our unique brand of health care is communication - not just between you and your practitioner, but between the practitioners themselves.

When you schedule more than one type of service at Element, the practitioners work together to give you the most effective and complementary care. With your permission, We will share our findings with each other and determine the best way to approach each treatment.

Sometimes that means arranging treatments back-to-back in order to increase efficacy of care. For example, we often find that massage helps to relax soft tissues and allows for more comfortable chiropractic adjustments. Other times it means delegating certain conditions or symptoms to the best suited practitioner and therapy. Experiencing GENERALIZED ANXIETY as well as A STIFF NECK? We may assign acupuncture primary responsibility for mental-emotional support while massage and/or chiropractic will focus on the physical complaints. 

On a case-by-case basis, we will collaborate effectively to make your health and wellness our top priority. In the end, you'll feel better!