Acupuncture for Fracture Recovery

"I was a non-believer in this crazy thing called Acupuncture.

I had a sports injury that aggravated some tendonitis in the arch of my foot. After seeing a podiatrist and receiving a cortisone shot and STILL having a lot pain, I figured “what could it hurt to at least try Acupuncture”. I must admit, I was a bit nervous and had many questions, but I kept an open mind. The very talented and knowledgeable Robert Crane, took the time to explain everything to me and answered ALL of my questions and I had a lot of questions and curiosities!

This is going to sound crazy, but after this first session, the pain was not only gone, it also hasn’t resurfaced since this first acupuncture appointment. That was approximately six months ago.

Now, I wish for my sake that was the end of my story, but I have more to say about this ancient Chinese medicine approach they call Acupuncture.

After I was completely “healed” from the tendonitis and was back to my normal exercise routine, one fateful early morning at the gym I had an incident with the Bosu ball. I turned my foot/ankle on it and ended up at the ER getting x-
rays. It turned out that I fractured a bone in my foot and was told by a new sports medicine specialist that I would have to be in a walking boot (cam walker) 24/7 for at least FOUR months and at that time would determine if surgery would be necessary. The area of my foot where the fracture occurred does not get a lot of blood flow and that is the reason for the lengthy recovery. I was naturally disappointed as I knew I would be on the sidelines for all of these months, but I remained hopeful and determined to avoid surgery if I could. I asked my doctor if she thought that Acupuncture may help. She agreed that it could possibly assist in my recovery as the blood flow to that area would increase with acupuncture. After the success story with my tendonitis, I called up Robert immediately to announce that he would now have a new focus for his needles.

At my one month check-up she could not believe my rate of recovery, she said if things progress as they are I would not only avoid surgery, but also be healed in the next month. I was diligent with my weekly acupuncture appointments throughout this entire time. Two months to the date of this injury I had my follow up appointment with my doctor. She was amazed by the results and I was amazed with the results! I was completely healed!! I cut my recovery time in half and I absolutely attribute it to the acupuncture that I received from Robert Crane! He is amazing! I wanted to share my story with everyone as I have been converted to the often unexplainable amazing “healing powers” that acupuncture provided me. I want to jump up and down and shout it from the rooftops, but I’m not as coordinated as perhaps I think I am.

One final note – the Bosu ball and I are still at odds."

-Maria P.