Until about 150 years ago, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was the only system of healthcare utilized throughout China. This is why acupuncture and herbal medicine have evolved over time to address any condition or discomfort that might arise in the body. Beyond just pain, Robert Uses all of the tools of TCM to benefit your whole body, including conditions related to digestive, mental/emotional, endocrine, and reproductive health.


Cupping is a therapy that relaxes the muscles and encourages healthy blood flow in tight and injured muscles. Using simple tools, this technique creates a vacuum inside of a glass cup to pull gently on the tissue, acting as a sort of reverse massage. 


Chinese herbology is a complex system of medicine that can be used to treat countless internal and external conditions. Herbal powders can be used to create formulas that are tailor-made to fit your specific presentation, while patent tea-pills are also available as an alternative that is both effective and convenient.


Chinese massage, known as tui na, is a system of bodywork that aims to pinpoint and correct problem areas in the body through a variety of manual techniques. The indications of tui na go beyond the muscle layer, treating many conditions including chronic headaches, insomnia, and sciatica.


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